Information for Students

The course will be graded on the following:

  1. Mid-semester examination: 30 % of final grade
  2. Final examination: 30 % of final grade
  3. Homework (2 assignments): 20 % of final grade
  4. Case study: 20% of final grade

For the homework, please note that a submission date, time and venue will be specified at the time of setting of each homework assignment. Homework that does not adhere to these submission requirements will receive an automatic zero grade.

All exam times and assignment deadlines are fixed and the only excuses accepted for nonattendance at an exam or non-submission of an assignment are a serious certified illness or a family bereavement. In such cases, a make-up exam (or make-up assignment in the case of an assignment) of equal or greater difficulty must be taken.

Examinations and assignments are to be the sole work of the student concerned – group efforts are not acceptable! Students are also cautioned not to engage in plagiarism. Anything that is not the student’s own work should have a reference, following standard scientific conventions. In such rare cases as it is necessary to include verbatim text from an article or book, this should be clearly placed in quotation marks. The instructor will follow standard university disciplinary procedures if students engage in any form of cheating or plagiarism in examinations/ assignments.

Handouts and Communication Methods

  • Students are expected to make their own notes and only relatively few handouts will be provided – so please stop me if you can’t read my writing or if I am going too fast.
  • Handouts are provided via the web. To obtain handouts, please navigate my website and then click on the subjects.
  • Questions and comments in class are strongly encouraged! The instructor both welcomes and values feedback from students regarding the course.

Lecture notes in this site are edited from different sources for the solely of teaching and learning purposes. It may contain copyrighted materials from their respective owners; therefore, apart form the teaching and learning purposes, these lecture notes may not be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in any form or by any means.